Chapter 2. Adapt or Die

  1. Successful actors in an ecosystem (ex, animals in a natural habitat, businesses in an economy) enjoy a long period where they conserve their previous dominance (K)
  2. But when a shock hits this tightly-coupled (and highly-efficient) system there’s a sudden release of previously trapped potential (Ω)
  3. Actors in the ecosystem must now start to re-organise to adapt to the new conditions (ɑ)
  4. Some fail to do this and don’t survive (X)
  5. However, those that exploit the new sources of value most effectively will not only survive but also thrive (r). They will then seek to conserve their new found dominance (K) — until another shock hits the system again and the cycle repeats.
The Adaptive Cycle. Resilience and Adaptive Cycles, Holling and Gunderson (2002)
source: Statista



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