Start with the problem — not the solution

  1. A Tyranny of Action: Endless meme copying (“let’s go Agile!”) with little awareness as to why they should be doing this and not something else
  2. Miscommunication & Misalignment: Focus on hitting internal KPIs that poorly-represent the organisation’s strategic priorities
  3. Missed Opportunities & No Hope Projects: Low-hanging fruit not picked (because of #2 above) and launching projects to meet needs customers don’t actually have
  4. Duplication & Bias: Dozens of projects duplicated across the organisation as silos don’t cooperate with other silos, leading to huge amounts of waste
  5. Constant Restructuring: Bolting on new “solutions” as things go wrong, followed by further restructuring to remove them later, before adding on the latest ones again (repeat ad infinitum).



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Marcus Guest

Marcus Guest

Govern the state by being straight-forward; wage war by being crafty. — Laozi